Sipalu Haat Art Exhibition & Competition

The Sipalu Haat Art Exhibition & Competition will exhibit art in all its possible forms from tradition to modern art, sketch, bringing to the public the possibilities of our community in the field of fine art. Change Club is exhibiting this show to increase public interest in art and to provide greater exposure to the individual artists. This group of artists consists of a diversity of self-taught fine artists and on the process of learning – aspiring students of art, who have gravitated the life in canvas; The Sipalu haat exhibits approximately 25 paintings from five amateur artists ; Artwork will be juried by qualified judges who have established themselves in the field of art and culture. The majority of the artwork will be two-dimensional wall pieces, exhibiting beauty in their own individual way.
The event is scheduled for 21st of October at Harshing Community Hall, Lebong. Every individual who holds deep interest in Art is invited to attend the exhibition and motivate the aspiring artists.


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