Meet our Team


We built our team and culture over time, fueled by freedom, creativity and a drive to do good in our community. Every ‘Changer adds their own flair to the living, breathing fuzzy thing that is Change. How we think, how we interact, how we live out our core values, and what each team member brings – all adds up to our  Change culture.  Our team is full of curious types, thinkers and doers who are driven to blend work and play.

Abhimanyu Chettri.jpg


The glue that holds the whole thing together. He helps put everyone in position to be the best, With knowledge of designing and and technology for online and offline media, he guides the team in building innovative content navigation and helps  getting to grips with a bit of everything Internet. A student of people and processes,  He is in charge of ensuring quality of outcome in the work. He is often involved at the planning , projects and maintains consistent presence to uphold cohesive strategic consistence. One of the founding member of Change, Abhimanyu hopes that the opportunity to spend time with Changers will broaden his knowledge by allowing him to discover and learn something new every day.

Chandan Gupta.jpg


Fondly called as Amitabh Bachan of the Club, Chandan is the most humble person you will come across in Change.  With in-depth experience of financing and accounts, he manages the finance and all other commerce – related issues of Change. An economics freak- he is responsible for all fund raising tactics of Change . His mixed background of commerce and Social Science allows him to address Social Problems on a wider scale.  One of the Co-founding member of Change he is never at rest .


Puja Tamang.jpg


A  Pencil artist  at heart, Puja carries a passion for all forms of Arts  and believes that Art  is a way of life .Puja is a creative force in Change. With a strong background in fine art and years of experience of leadership , Puja  keeps a foot in both worlds by establishing herself as a born leader of Change. Puja is a designer with experience in many disciplines. She is the designer of the Change Logo too .She handles all art skill based work of Change. She is a bold girl with lots of potential to excel.

Anthony Subba.jpg


Amateur adventurer. Passionate Athlete  and Health freak. Dog lover and Mountain Dew connoisseur. We were able to summarize Anthony into three short incomplete sentences. A great Fan of Bear Grylls ,he firmly believes he is a born survivor. He’s very passionate about Music  and loves honing his cooking skills,  He was one of the founding pillars of Change and has been around taking Charge of Public consultancy and Technical aspects of the club.


Kamal Deep Gurung.jpg


A believer of Work is Worship he is a man of action rather than a man of words. His top hats are Management and technical issues. He also assists Chandan with Finance.A passionate Speaker he is one of the founding member of Change. Kamal is a multidisciplinary leader wearing multiple hats.



Our dear Pragya has that -rare mix of left and right brain skills: Art and Science, Technology and nature. These worlds collide in all of her passions like Painting, Photography, Reading, Designing, Badminton, Solving Mathematical Problems, and what not? She firmly believes that people can and should have an adventure every day. An aspiring Fashion Designer, she is a lover of  Khaled Hosseini and Yvonne Woon  books. As one of Change members, she doesn’t shy away from challenging folks to take their work to the next level and constantly collaborate.



A confident Woman- is what  she calls herself. True to her words she is a self-assured girl with lots of experience in Public Speaking. She takes charges of the Event management . Prishita is a girl  of countless talents in Change.With always a smile on her face she has been a guardian of Smiles in Change. She holds special interests in art and crafts and always keeps herself engaged in the making  of something usable out of waste products.

Priska Subba.jpg


Priska is a charismatic person and a guiding force to Change. She has been guiding force for Changers right from the initial phase. She has mastery over public Speaking, and has been anchoring Change events for quite a long time. She has created a name for herself in Public Management as well. Throughout the community she is known for her kind heart and powerful work ethic which pair to make her a well-qualified educator in the Society. Her efforts in the community further show her dedication and interest in bettering the place she lives in. She’s been as mentor in Change for a long time of now.


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