Change, is a student initiated Social Organisation, working for the betterment of society through the continuing efforts of the youth of the society, operating in Darjeeling and particularly in the satellite town of Lebong.

The objectives of Change are:

  • To encourage and foster the development of the youth and hence the development of society as a whole through its activities.
  • To encourage young people to speak up and pursue lasting solutions to problems they care deeply about.
  • To create a space for dialogue and learning opportunities .
  • To create a suitable spiritual and physical environment to live in.


Change was started as an indipendent organization, with Society welfare in view, by few students of Lebong. Abhimanyu Chettri, Chandan Gupta, Kamal Deep Gurung, Anthony Subba and Noydup Dorjee Sherpa founded the organization as an apolitical body in October, 2012.